#17 Memorial Day

Sharing last years post, along with a few new links        First and foremost, it's important to recognize the meaning of the day; a salute to military heroes of each war, that punched a one way ticket, sacrificed everything, and to the families that supported them as did.  WE SALUTE YOU, YOU ARE APPRECIATED, YOU ARE REMEMBERED. V/r, Those... Continue Reading →


#16 Do you have a voice that soldiers need to hear?

Calling any and all who would like to write a short blurb that addresses an issue that soldiers deal with most (relationships, deployments, the VA, etc.). Or, have an interesting discussion, thought, or question you want to know a little more about? Send it my way and I'll include it in the next post.  If... Continue Reading →

#15 Veteran Benefits of a New Year

  The benefits of serving in the Armed Forces are present in your everyday life. From the respect you gain from family and friends to the sense of honor and pride in what you do, recognition for your sacrifice can be seen and felt, but is that enough? While the recognition and sense of duty are immeasurable feelings,... Continue Reading →

#13 Post 9/11 or Montgomery GI Bill ?

First, let's clarify a few things.  The Post 9/11 Bill is the same thing as the Chapter 33 GI Bill. Further, the Montgomery GI Bill is also called Chapter 1606.  You don't know how many people tell me they have one but not the other, not realizing the difference. And second, you always have a choice. When entering the military you... Continue Reading →

#12 Service Members Civil Relief Act

I've been in the military for almost nine years.  Sadly, I've been paying unnecessary interest on a credit card for at least three of those.  Talk about a waste of money!  While I can't promise a way to eliminate your debt, I can promise a way to limit your interest rate and help with other financial... Continue Reading →

#11 Thank You for Your Service!

The holiday has come and gone and you barely remember the night let alone the history behind it all. So for brevity purposes.... The History:   A brief history. Many already may already know that American Independence Day is celebrated on the Fourth of July every year. You know the day that a large percentage of your paycheck is... Continue Reading →

#10 Summer Time Blues

Well, it's that time of the year again. The sun is out for a few extra hours and you seem to find yourself at work just a little bit longer. Go figure! Maybe its time to take a break from life and go enjoy some QT with your family. Or, maybe it's time to go take a swim in "Lake... Continue Reading →

#9 Education Information for the Troops

Many service members post-pone higher education until after completing time in service or pay the GI Bill forward to a spouse or child. However, you choose to use your benefits, its important to know they are their. Being a Veteran or non-Veteran-member of the armed forces-you have plenty of options. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Whether leaving a question on the... Continue Reading →

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