#1: Knowledge is Power

The return on Google search “military resources” is about 319,000,000 results (0.43 seconds). With all these options why not have a central stomping ground to get the things you need. The intent of this site is to inform soldiers. It WILL NOT be used to complain, gripe, or grunt about all of the things wrong with your branch of service and/or your unit. I understand. Been there done that. However, this blog’s purpose is to give insight into the things that are right in the armed forces and help soldiers find the resources needed to succeed.

Topics include (not limited to): Clothing, supplies, education, building a resume, interviewing, mental health, suicide awareness and prevention, groups to join, individual hobbies to explore, etc. etc. etc.  We all know the soldiers life is spread thin and the last thing we want to do is search 319k websites that could be of wasted time. Until this page goes beyond my expectations, I will post and add resources based off of your needs. Lastly, for this site to benefit all soldiers, it will need to be a joint effort.  Ask questions, give answers, join the discussion. Make a friend!





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