This site is to educate soldiers in all branches of service. If you or anyone you know would like to help, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE. This week I started considering buying my first home. Then realized I know very little about the process for home buying and the tools available for those who have served, or are currently serving the armed forces.  Please leave a comment/advice/resource link that helped you or a friend make this difficult process a bit easier. TM

What I’ve Found:

Military sources are all over. Military. com is great place to find home ownership news and tips. Head over to the site and click on Military Life-Home Ownership for a few great articles. Military Housing Assistance is vital as well. While I haven’t used it the Dream Makers @PenFedFoundation seems like a tool for financial assistance.  When you feel like you know has some basic knowledge and the questions you want to ask (write them down during research-even the ones you think are dumb) are in front of you, reach out and contact someone who cares. Further your knowledge by asking friends who have gone through the process and employ your friends to help. You know they will be crashing your home when you finally get settled. The least they can do is help you, help them.

Head over to the Home Buying page for the full details and additional links. Again, this site only works if you contribute to the conversation! I will then update pages to include all the resources offered up. If would like your site and/or advice to be featured on future blog posts, please send me an email with the info and relevant subject and story! Thank you for serving.



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