#15 Veteran Benefits of a New Year


The benefits of serving in the Armed Forces are present in your everyday life. From the respect you gain from family and friends to the sense of honor and pride in what you do, recognition for your sacrifice can be seen and felt, but is that enough? While the recognition and sense of duty are immeasurable feelings, they don’t really pay your bills. The benefits you gain from being a veteran must also be tangible right? Therefore if you do a little research you will see the VA offers more than you think for your duty.

The following discussion is specific for a Service Connected Matrix, but you have options to review the Non-Service Matrix as well as a Circumstance Matrix.  Here’s the minimum…



Non-Compensable 0 percent disability rating
Compensable 0 percent disability rating*

*Note: In some instances there are individuals who have separate and more than two zero percent service connected disabilities who are paid at the minimum 10 percent. (38 CFR 3.324)

Explore the VA benefit site for all the benefits!




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