Mental Health

Do In 2014 the Department of Veterans Affairs did a comprehensive analysis of Veteran suicide rates in the U.S between 1979-2014. Estimated results were an average of 22 Veteran deaths by suicide a day. Ages 50-59 being the group with the highest rate ( resource)

Mental health is the most commonly addressed topic, yet the least discussed amongst soldiers and their loved ones. Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common anxiety disorder that follows experiencing single or multiple traumatic events. Bi-products of such experiences (Substance Abuse and Addiction) are concern we would like to address. While PTSD is the most common, it shouldn’t be considered the only. Below is a list of additional resources for those who wish to learn more about PTSD and would like to get involved. Additional information on substance abuse and addiction will also be available on future blog posts and on the resource page.

PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression

The Signs: Difficulty concentrating, lack of interest in doing things, feelings of detachment from one’s self or surrounding society,  loss of appetite, exaggerated startle response, irregular sleeping patters (lack of sleep or oversleeping. For further details and commonly asked questions go to the VA’s National Center for PTSD

Create a support board on to encourage those who may be experiencing the signs and symptoms of PTSD and other illnesses. Sign up for a Support Board here! Link to full site listed below.

This is the start of an all hands effort to make a difference.

Resources: Educate-Volunteer-Donate


Alcohol Treatment. Net – The Key to Stopping Alcohol Addiction… Need help finding an alcohol Treatment Facility? New

Do – Get involved in a campaign

Active Heroes – National Activities, Peer Support and Resources for Military Heroes and Their Families0

Advanced Recovery Systems-PTSD and Addiction (24hr helpline available)

Veterans and Rehab– Drug offers tools, resources, and materials nneeded to help in the fight.


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  1. I think that we owe veterans a satisfactory, predictable, and ACCESSIBLE standard of care within the Veterans Health Administration (commonly referred to as the VA), especially in the area of mental health, substance abuse and other issues that they face.

    I’ve been doing research on veterans in regards to addiction, mental health and suicide when I came across a really good article.

    Should anyone else be interested to see how this would help others here’s the page I looked at

    Hopefully, this information helps another soldier/veteran.


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